The 32nd China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition 2023

Oct 09,2023 - 17:17

At the critical point of time when China's glass industry is turning to high-quality development and building a new development pattern, and with the proposal of carbon peak and carbon neutral targets, the glass industry is facing a situation of both opportunities and challenges. With the function of exhibition, China Glass Expo helps the industry's technological innovation and trade circulation, serves the national strategy, provides more business opportunities for smooth domestic circulation of the glass industry and promotes domestic and international double circulation, and contributes to the green, safe and high-quality development of the glass industry.

Founded in 1986, after more than 30 years of cultivation and development, China Glass has become the most commercially valuable exhibition and platform for technical exchanges and economic and trade negotiations in the global glass industry, and has been used by international consulting organisations as an important basis for evaluating the development of the glass market.

The 31st China Glass Expo has been successfully held from 6 to 9 May 2021 in Shanghai. A total of 900 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions participated in the show, with an exhibition area of 90,000 square metres. The show was well attended with 40,826 professional visitors. Ten technical seminars were held during the same period. The exhibition was reported and reviewed by many media and websites. Overcoming the impact of the epidemic and many uncertainties, China Glass Expo was successfully held, bringing new opportunities for the whole glass industry, demonstrating confidence and vitality to the global glass industry, and strongly proving that China Glass Expo is the preferred platform for domestic and foreign industry enterprises to expand trade and technical exchanges.

Always adhering to the exhibition concept of scale, internationalisation and specialisation, China Glass Expo will bring an exciting and fruitful trade and technology exchange event for the global glass industry. Relevant enterprises are welcome to participate in the 32nd China Glass Show.